• Hillary Clinton

US Senate:

  • Ann Kirkpatrick

US Congress:

  • Mark Salazar

State Representative: (Voting for only 1, not 2)

  • Deanna Rasmussen-Lacotta

Corporation Commission: (Voting for only 2, not 3)

  • Tom Chabin
  • Bill Mundell

County Attorney:

  • Diego Rodriguez

County Recorder:

  • Adrian Fontes

County School Superintendent:

  • Michelle Robertson


  • Paul Penzone

County Treasurer:

  • Joe Downs

Central Arizona Water Conservation District

Peoria Governing Board

General Information:

Maricopa County Community College At-Large


Voting based on performance Review:
Short Video:

Link to Judge Performance Reviews

Maricopa County:

  • NO:  Gentry, Jo Lynn
  • YES: Everyone else

I’m not a fan of Ducey. Therefore, I’m not in favor of letting him pick new judges.  

Proposition 205 – Use of Marijuana

  • Yes

Proposition 206 – Raising Minimum Wage

  • Yes

Peoria Unified School District Bonds

  • Yes

Proposition 400 – Sales tax to improve desert open spaces, parks, recreational amenities, trails and streescapes

  • Yes


  • Yes



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