As of 11.09.2017, liberals and humans across the planet have been scratching their collective heads. What the hell just happened?

I have an answer: History repeated itself.


In some ways it’s disturbing because it says to us: “We can't really control the outcome of major events.” I have news for you: You usually cannot control the outcome of major events - you can only marginally impact events if you work hard. And that goes for both the worst or us and the best of us - so don't get too upset.


Now it’s true, this could be the end of the world as we know it. I’ve seen a number of articles come out that make this case, and it’s possible. But that is unlikely.

Yes, Trump could hit the red button and nuke North Korea. Yes, Trump may have handed the U.S. over the soviets. Yes, Trump could devastate the U.S. economy in the same way that Venezuela destroyed their country. All these things are true but unlikely.


When a foaming rabid wolf escapes its pen, people tend to be cautious in how they act. The world knows Trump, and they know that fomenting aggression might be unwise.


What’s next? I propose that we listen to the Dalai Lama.


In America today, compared with 50 years ago, three times as many working-age men are completely outside the work force. This pattern is occurring throughout the developed world — and the consequences are not merely economic. Feeling superfluous is a blow to the human spirit. It leads to social isolation and emotional pain, and creates the conditions for negative emotions to take root.

Many are confused and frightened to see anger and frustration sweeping like wildfire across societies that enjoy historic safety and prosperity. But their refusal to be content with physical and material security actually reveals something beautiful: a universal human hunger to be needed. Let us work together to build a society that feeds this hunger.
--Dalai Lama


The people in the party, in this case the Democratic Party, always become complacent and thereby fail to elect their party when they are in power. This is typical, not a surprise.


It is likely, although not inevitable, that the Dems will retake the senate in the next mid-term. Conservatives tend to vote more than Liberals in mid-terms, so that's a wrinkle. But all in all, let’s not get too unhinged here. The Dems can still filibuster, and they can stop super crazy things from happening.


The Future:


Trump is in much the same position that Obama was in when it comes to the policies proposed. Obama, of course, saved us from a depression, that is his legacy. But he was immediately abandoned by Democrats when he didn’t do everything he said immediately.


The shoe is now on the other foot.


  • If Trump does what he says he’s going to do, the Democrats will become energized. They will want to stop the right wing and they will fight hard to prevent catastrophe. And they will win some battles and lose some battles.

  • If Trump doesn't do what he said: Build the wall, deport people, that's good for the Dems, they don't want him to do those things anyway. But it will infuriate his base. They will despise him for that, and just like the Democrats who couldn’t see Obama was stopped by an obstructionist conservative congress, Conservatives will not see obstructionist liberals. Some will, but not many.


In closing, hunker down. It ain’t going to be pretty. Yes, people will lose their jobs. Republican policies always result in economic negatives. Yes, people will have to change their ways to get healthcare. Yes, privatization will take hold again, pollution will increase, and on and on.


But as much as everything changes, everything also remains the same. And with Trump at the helm, this should bring some comfort to the people scratching their heads over the election.